Jan 8 - 26, 2020

This Little Piggie

CZAPNO Ensemble

A Dust-Bowl Blues Opera

Once upon a faraway autumn’s night, a group of musicians hunkered themselves away into a log cabin deep in the valleys of the Rocky Mountains. They set about writing a musical that would tread upon the edge of theatre, opera, and the simple love of playing music. Working collectively and fueled by altitude, wine, and wild game, they created a collection of songs that are dark, exhilarating, and slightly twisted.

Inspired by the events of the “Great Plow Up” in the 1930s—which led to what we know as the Dust Bowl—This Little Piggie looks at the price of ambition and the forces that drive it. Follow the struggles of a young pregnant couple as they conspire to survive the harsh economic and environmental realities of the time.

Originally co-produced by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop & the Calgary Folk Music Fest.


Cast & Crew:

Created and Composed by: Kris Demeanor, Little Miss Higgins, David Rhymer, Bessie Wapp, Bob Keelaghan, Peter Balkwill, and Eric Rose

Performed by: Kris Demeanor, Little Miss Higgins, David Rhymer, Bessie Wapp, Tim Williams, and Peter Balkwill

Project Co-Facilitated by Eric Rose, David Rhymer and Peter Balkwill

Outside Eye: Eric Rose

Musical Director: David Rhymer

Concept: Peter Balkwill

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