Jan 8 - 26, 2020
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manidoons collective

“A long while since a work inspired such hope, love and nourishment.” –Tara Beagan, Article 11

bug is a story about women in an Indigenous family navigating addiction and inter-generational trauma. When their addictions manifest as manidoons (Ojibwe word for bug, insect or worm), the creature burrows beneath their skin, pushing them beyond the brink.

Using movement, poetry, and prose, creator/performer Yolanda Bonnell weaves stories of women grappling with their painful past and making tough choices to survive. This work is honest, unflinching, and raw; it will take your breath away.


Oshki Misko Minowe

As part of High Performance Rodeo, Indigenous Youth of 16 - 25 years of age will have the opportunity to participate in a storytelling workshop led by Yolanda Bonnell (Ojibwe-South Asian) and Ashley Bomberry (Mohawk). The workshop includes warm-ups and discovering the different ways a story can be told (body/movement, writing, song, or combination). Participants will find the path that suits them best and will create a 5-minute piece of theatre that will tell a specific creation story.

Participants will then have the opportunity to perform their piece in front of an audience as a prologue to Yolanda’s performance of bug at High Performance Rodeo. This is not mandatory. It’s important that participants feel comfortable and that the primary goal is that they are gaining new theatrical/storytelling skills. Participants can also attend the performance with family/friends as audience members.

The workshop is  FREE  to participate (note the capacity is 10 participants, registering in advance is recommended).
Light snacks and workshop materials will be provided.

The workshop will be held January 15 & 16 @ 4 - 8 pm at the Calgary Central Library.

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Cast & Crew:

Created & Performed by Yolanda Bonnell

Directed by Cole Avis

Stage Manager Gia Nahmens

Associate Director & Cultural Keeper by Ashley Bomberry

Lighting & Technical Director by Michel Charbonneau

Scenography by Jay Havens

Movement Coach by Aria Evans

Dramaturgy by Yvette Nolan

Associate Produced by Lisa Alves, Olivia Shortt

Music Composed by DJ Classic Roots & Jennifer Kreisberg

Knowledge Keeper by Pauline Shirt

Producer Consulting by Kristina Lemieux

Indigenous Community Liason Chantal Chagnon

Voice Over by Sadie Buck

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