Jan 9 - 27, 2019
two images of the same woman.  The left image she is in a red dress smiling while sitting next to her wheelchair.  In the second image she is naked and just her bare back and long hair is visible while she is laying sideways.
Inside Out Theatre

Spina Bifida - Front To Back

Steve Kean

Spina Bifida - Front To Back

Front To Back is as Much About the Dignity of People as it is About the Condition.

Photographer Steven Kean wants viewers to look at the disabled in a new light, to let them see a wider vision of beauty. This powerful exhibition offers his photo subjects a chance to be seen on their own terms. For viewers, it’s about seeing the human body in all of its forms. For each subject, Kean produces two images - a traditional portrait on a white background to introduce the viewer to the subjects and a second image of the subject’s back. Kean is a Toronto photographer. His tens-of-thousands of images spanning more than thirty years challenge the viewer to think about how people with disabilities see and interact with the world they share with able-bodied people.


Presented by Inside Out Theatre

A Photo Exhibtion by Steve Kean

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