Jan 8 - 26, 2020
The High Performance Rodeo and TrépanierBaer Gallery

The Puppet Collective II: Class of 2009

Graeme Patterson

On a recent cross-Canada tour, Graeme Patterson honed his penchant for people-watching into an art form. Observing people in galleries, airports, restaurants and hotel lobbies, he created fifty-two puppets of the characters that stuck in his head.

Last January, these three-dimensional portraits (pictured above) were sold at the TrépanierBaer Gallery, but with a catch: the collectors had to agree to let Patterson take their photo and make puppets of them. A year later, those collectors face the choice of buying their own puppet or, by allowing someone else to buy it, starting the cycle of interactive puppetry anew.

What they're saying

"The colourful cast of characters is a clever project in which art meets sociology."
- Nancy Tousley, The Calgary Herald

"The puppets contain a sense of reverence for the people they recreate … it is easy to imagine which puppet would drag its feet and which would dance the most wildly."
- Jasia Stuart, Shotgun Review


From Halifax, Nova Scotia

This exhibition runs from January 8-February 6, 2010

Opening reception:
January 8, 6:00-8:00 pm
Gallery hours:
Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm



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