Jan 3 - 28, 2018
One Yellow Rabbit Presents


STO Union


A stunning pop up tent city to explore. Overflowing with light-filled tents. Hundreds of true stories of change. A living installation in continual transformation. Featuring everyone we know.

Walk through a pop-up city of stories. Comprised of a cluster of tents, Trophy lights up downtown Calgary. Inside each tent, encounter a person who tells the true story of a moment in their life when everything changed. Move through the city of stories, visit as many tents as you feel drawn to. The installation’s evolution is determined by your actions.

As the days pass, the tents transform into multicoloured structures covered in stories of change. Trophy is a living monument to the experiences that make up our lives and a compelling conversation about change.

The experience of Trophy becomes an expression of all participants’ stories, a compelling exploration and conversation about how we all experience change.

Between performances, walk through the tent city, read stories and experience the beauty of the installation.  Trophy is an ongoing project that started in 2014. Since then, it’s been presented in Ottawa, St. Catherines, Dublin, and Toronto. Each experience is unique. From the different storytellers to the ever-changing installation, Trophy evolves and adapts to each setting.


Be Part of The High Performance Rodeo

TROPHY is a living installation built around stories of transformation and it's coming to #HPRodeo this January. Inside each tent is a person telling the true story of a turning point in their life and Calgary, they want your stories to be the ones told. Submit your story to be featured in this pop-up Tent City of Stories!  

For more information and to learn how you can be part of the High Performance Rodeo, click here.

What they're saying

"Entertaining, insightful and you can expect to come away feeling very acutely reminded of our shared humanity."
- Irish Times


Cast & Crew

Produced by: STO Union, Sarah Conn & Allison O’Connor

Director & creator: Sarah Conn

Installation design & co-creator: Allison O’Connor


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