Jan 3 - 28, 2018
A white and brown photograph of fancy woman's hair with butterflies throughout the hair
One Yellow Rabbit Presents

Make Love Not Art

Inside Out Theatre


If he describes her portraits as erotic does that mean he can find her attractive?

A renowned visual artist is known for daring nude portraits that display her unique and tiny body for all to see. But when she asks her gallery curator and self-professed biggest fan out on a date, we find out how he really views her body when it’s in front of him in the flesh.

The characters get personal and political as they confront voyeurism, self-exploitation and the struggle to be seen in this intimate and incisive new play. 

Inside Out is a disability theatre company in sunny Calgary, Alberta, and believes that theatre is for every body — on stage, in the community and in our audiences.


Disclaimer: Suggested for an 18+ audience; nudity, language, and mature content.


Cast & Crew

Written & performed by: Elaine Lee and Col Cseke

Directed by: Samantha Macdonald

Set design: Su Ying Strang

Photography art: Marie Snippa

Sound & video design: Ian Heerensperger


Warning:  Contains Nudity


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