Jan 3 - 28, 2018
A woman is throwing a pile of cassette tape ribbon at the corner of a brick wall with her back to the camera.
One Yellow Rabbit Presents

I'm Not Here



"Taking conventional notions of theatre and its audience and shoving them back in our faces, with a few expletives thrown in." – The Irish Independent

Doireann Coady is here and she wants to check a few things are working. She’ll sing a couple of songs, recite a couple of poems and maybe tell a few stories. She'll sing a duet with her brother.

He’s not here. He’s dead.

She’s here. You’re here. Thanks very much for being here.

If you’re concerned about anything that’s happening on stage, listen to the sound of her voice.

In her debut as author, Coady sets off in her new show, to stage an unstageable, impossible and beautiful act.

THEATREclub is an award-winning Dublin-based theatre collective that has produced 18 new works since it was founded in late 2008. It has toured nationally and internationally. The collective believes theatre can change the world by starting conversations that send ripples toward social change.


Cast & Crew:

Writer, director & designer: Doireann Coady

Composer: Rob Moloney

Dramaturge: Gary Keegan

Associate artist: Grace Dyas

Lighting design: Eoin Winning

Associate costume & set design: Sarah Foley

Choreographer: Ruairi O’Donovan

Production manager: Seán Dennehy

Photographs & video: Dorje de Burgh

Producer: Joanna Crawley

Associate Director: Barry John O’Connor


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